2024 Vol. 1 No. 1 Newsletter

the inaugural edition of the Huntly Community Hub newsletter is here!!

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This marks a significant milestone in our journey towards our community vision: a healthy, happy and connected Huntly. It is our hope that this publication serves as a beacon of news, bringing to light the achievements, stories, and future plans of the community and our Community Hub.

The newsletter proudly introduces the Huntly Community Hub’s new logo and is jam packed with our latest and upcoming services and activities. Physical copies are available at the Huntly Newsagency (Midland Hwy) helping to brings accessibility and engagement to our older generations in the digital age. This move ensures that every resident of Huntly, regardless of their location or schedule, can stay informed and involved with the Hub’s activities.


This edition covers a number of areas the Huntly Community Hub is involved with at the moment.

    • Strategic planning has been a key focus, with the Hub developing a comprehensive plan to guide its future endeavours. This plan outlines our goals and the steps we intend to take to achieve them, ensuring the Hub’s growth and sustainability in the years to come.
    • Weekly gatherings at the Hub every Wednesday are become popular, offering a space for residents to come together for a chat, a cup of tea, or to participate in the Book and Jigsaw Exchange program. These meetings underscore the Hub’s role as a sanctuary of friendship and support.
    • The monthly community dinners, hosted at the Huntly Hotel with guest speakers from various sectors, have been instrumental in fostering a sense of belonging and community learning. These dinners are not just meals but gatherings that celebrate our shared identity and aspirations.
    • Looking ahead, our plans are underway for monthly bus outings, offering residents the opportunity to explore our beautiful surroundings and connect with each other in new and meaningful ways. These trips are anticipated to be a blend of adventure, education, and socialisation, embodying the Hub’s mission to enrich the lives of Huntly’s residents.

There are 3 ways to get your news:

  • Check your inbox if you are a Huntly Community Hub member
  • Visit our website and check the news tab
  • Pick up a physical copy from the Huntly Newsagency (617 Midland Hwy)

We are pretty proud of our little newsletter. To us, it’s more than just a publication, it’s a testament to the vibrant, dynamic community we are building together in Huntly. We invite each resident to be an active participant in this journey, contributing to and benefiting from the collective efforts to make Huntly a place where everyone feels supported and valued.

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