An image of a Bunnings Warehouse exterior with a large red and white Bunnings logo. A yellow arrow and text overlay in the same color state "WE WILL BE HERE!" indicating the location of the upcoming Bunnings Sausage Sizzle event in the parking area. The slogan "Lowest prices are just the beginning" is visible on the wall, setting the scene for a community gathering.

Sizzle Up Your Summer at our BBQ!

Our inaugural Bunnings Sausage Sizzle is happening!

Calling all Huntly families! It’s time to mark your calendars for a sizzling start to the New Year! On January 7, 2024, the Huntly Community Hub is bringing the Aussie BBQ right to your doorstep! Well, right to Epsom Bunnings!

This is our first fundraiser, and what better way to connect than over a classic sausage in bread!

The Bunnings sausage sizzle is a quintessential Australian fundraising event, synonymous with community spirit and grassroots support. The sausage sizzle is not just a fundraising mechanism; it’s a cultural institution, fostering a sense of togetherness and communal support in neighbourhoods across Australia – including Huntly!

Speaking of support, we’d like to thank the businesses that have got behind our fundraiser and made donations towards the event: Campbells Cash & Carry and Meat Matters.

This event isn’t just about raising funds; it’s about strengthening the fabric of our community. It’s an opportunity for all of us in Huntly to come together, share stories, and enjoy the simple pleasures of a good old-fashioned BBQ. It’s about creating memories, building relationships, and enjoying the warmth of our close-knit community.

Your participation means the world to us, and every little bit helps. If you are a long-time local or a newcomer, we’d love to see you. Whether it’s buying a sausage or just dropping by to say hello, your contribution makes a difference. Let’s show the power of our community when we come together for a common cause.

Every sausage sold supports the Huntly Community Hub’s initiatives, contributing to vital projects like our walking group, special activities, and eagerly anticipated bus outings for our senior members.

So, mark your calendars for January 7, 2024. Bring your families, bring your appetites, and join in the fun. We’re excited to see you there and make this event a memorable one for our community!

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