Street-Side Mail Delivery is Coming to Huntly!

After the results of the 2023 poll indicated community support, Huntly is set to receive street-side mail delivery, beginning in the new year. The tendering process for this service is currently underway.  However, the existing road-side delivery route will remain unaffected by these changes.

In May 2023, three dedicated community members launched a ‘Yes’ campaign, aggressively publicising the issue over a four-month period through various media channels—including social media, TV, radio, and print. Their efforts aimed to ensure maximum community participation in the upcoming vote. Consultations were held with Michelle Rowland, the Federal Minister for Communication, and Lisa Chesters, the Federal Member for Bendigo, primarily addressing concerns over insufficient primary services like mail delivery, as well as infrastructure for safe traffic management and adequate parking in Huntly’s shopping precinct.

In response to the mounting public pressure, Australia Post temporarily removed its polling policy from their website for an ‘update.’ The revised 2023 poll expanded the polling area from a 1.2km radius to a 2km radius, incorporating the newer estates into the vote—a fair move, considering Huntly’s significant population growth. Between 2016 and 2021, the area experienced a 66.78% increase in private dwellings, from 8721 to 1,3062. There are currently eight estates under construction or in the planning stage, estimated to add more than 1,473 new homes in the coming years3.

Currently, Australia Post operates under a ‘last 1km’ agreement with most courier services.  This means parcels are left at the Post Office (LPO) and not delivered directly to residences. With the introduction of the new street-side mail service, this will change, offering doorstep delivery for small parcels.




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