Victorian Container Deposit Scheme Partnership

Huntly Community Hub Partners with Victorian Container Deposit Scheme: A Step Towards a Greener Community

The Huntly Community Hub is happy to announce our partnership with the Victorian Container Deposit Scheme (CDS Vic).  This collaboration not only furthers our environmental commitments but also offers an innovative way to support the Hub and other community initiatives.

How does the refund scheme work?

The Victorian Container Deposit Scheme is a state-wide recycling program designed to reduce litter, encourage recycling, and divert beverage containers from landfill.

Participating in the CDC is straightforward.  When you consume beverages from containers like plastic and glass bottles or cans, instead of disposing of them in regular bins, these containers can be taken to designated CDC collection points.  Each eligible container is worth 10 cents, a small but impactful contribution towards a greener environment.

What Containers are Eligible?

Eligible containers include most portable beverage containers ranging from 150mL to 3L, identifiable by the 10c mark on the label. These include:

  • Aluminium cans
  • Plastic bottles
  • Glass bottles
  • Paperboard cartons (under 1L)
  • Steel bottles/cans

Containers should be uncrushed with lids on. Ineligible containers like wine and spirit bottles, milk containers, and certain cartons, while not part of CDS Vic, can still be recycled through your kerbside yellow bins.

You can find more information on the Visy website.

Donating to Huntly Community Hub through CDS

One of the most exciting aspects of our partnership with the CDC is the opportunity for our members and the broader Huntly community to directly support our initiatives. When returning containers, you can choose to donate your refund to the Huntly Community Hub. This act of generosity is a simple yet effective way of contributing to our ongoing projects and community events.

How to Donate Your Refunds to the Hub

Donating your container refund to the Huntly Community Hub is easy. We have a unique barcode associated with our Hub, which you can use at the CDC collection points. When returning your containers, simply scan this code. The 10-cent refund per container will automatically be allocated to the Hub. This process ensures a seamless and efficient way to support our community work while being eco-friendly.

Donation Partner ID

Barcode for Huntly Community Hub CDS partnership

Scan Unique Barcode: Use our unique Donation Partner ID or barcode at CDS Vic collection points

CDS Vic North App: Use our unique ID or barcode via the app.

Collecting and Donating Containers

Collect eligible containers and drop off at refund points to donate the proceeds to the Hub.


Envirobank, Wellsford Drive, East Bendigo, VIC 3550, 8am until 04:00pm (Closed Sundays)


Envirobank, Phillips Drive, Kangaroo Flat, VIC 3555, 8am until 04:00pm (Closed Sundays)

Refund and Donation Options

CDS Vic offers various refund options, ensuring convenience and flexibility.  For donations, use the CDS Vic North app to select the Huntly Community Hub as your chosen beneficiary.

  • Paper Vouchers & eVouchers: Redeemable at participating stores or exchanged for cash.
  • Electronic Payment: Through the CDS Vic North app, receive payments via EFT or PayID.
  • Cash: Obtain cash refunds directly at depots and over-the-counter refund points.

Your Impact

By choosing to donate your container refunds to the Huntly Community Hub, you play a direct role in enriching our community. These funds will be instrumental in supporting various programs, activities, and events we organize. From educational workshops to recreational activities, your contributions will help in maintaining and expanding the services we offer.

The partnership with the Victorian Container Deposit Scheme marks a significant step for the Huntly Community Hub in promoting environmental sustainability and community engagement. We encourage all residents of Huntly and surrounds to participate in this program. Your contributions, no matter how small, make a substantial difference in our collective effort to create a healthy, happy, and connected community.

Together, let’s make a difference in maintaining a healthy, vibrant, and environmentally conscious Huntly.


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